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Pros and Cons of Recruiting Externally

Internal recruitment within organisations has forever been a norm. Before looking towards an outward source to fill a gap within a team, most organisations tend to give internal employees a chance to try the vacant position before looking for an external recruit. However, recruiters have also realised the potential of hiring external candidates that can give more to the organisation. With recruitment platforms offering the best candidates from a number of fields, finding the right candidate could completely depend on your recruitment strategy.

Pros of External Recruitment

External recruitment has a number of advantages attached to it, in terms of both productivity and progress. Here are a few:

Fresh talent and ideas: Compared to offering an internal raise to employees working within the company, hiring talent externally lets you get fresher talent on-board along with the expectation of newer ideas and concepts that can take your campaigns higher up. With a fresher viewpoint that the people already working within the organisation, there is no doubt about the radical change in the output that would eventually work in your favour.

Team void of internal politics: Internal politics is one of the greatest banes of any organisation, negatively impacting the work environment. With newer people to add to your team, a positive environment can be created, void of any internal politics that has a scope of affecting the team and, consequently, the productivity.

Knowledge about the competition: Hiring someone externally gives you the one thing that can give you a competitive edge – a peek into what your competition is up to. What’s improvement without a detailed analysis of how your competitors function and what drives them on? This is surely a bonus one could very well do with if the potential candidate has had enough experience in a company that rivals your own. This, however, solely depends on the recruitment platform and strategy used.

Cons of External Recruitment

External recruitment also has certain disadvantages that can limit the productivity of the organisation to an extent. Some of these are mentioned below:

Limited knowledge of the company: One setback of hiring externally is that the candidate would have absolutely no knowledge of your company and its internal process. This also includes the ins and outs of client interaction and more which can slow down the established process until the new recruit learns how to go about the organisation.

Time consuming and costly: One thing to consider while hiring a candidate externally is the long recruitment process. No matter what recruitment platform you choose, the process is bound to be time-consuming and costly. Compared to choosing an internal employee to fill in the gap, getting someone on-board from outside the company is sure to be more expensive for the company with a rise in the salary offered to the candidate and the negotiations that are sure to follow.

Maladjustment issues: An external recruitment can, many times, lead to disturbance within an already established team, owing to different thought processes and change in environment.

With all of the pros and cons to external recruitment, choosing the right recruitment platform can certainly work in your favour.


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